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Classic Whitetail - Productions TFCP
La Tournée de films Chasse et Pêche
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Classic Whitetail

Retour en force de la Classique Whitetail

Deer hunters were impatiently waiting for it, after the first edition, the wait is over! The second edition of the Whitetail Classic is officially launched. This year, 6 teams are competing for top honors. Team UPF will try to defend its title from last year but it won’t be easy, the competition looks tough and several teams have surprises in store for us… In short The 2022-2023 edition promises, for all those who have not yet liked the facebook page of the Whitetail Classic go there now to not miss anything: Facebook Classique Whitetail

Team UPF
Team UPF sans Logo
This year Team UPF will consist of Luc Brodeur and Tomi Maillot.
They will have to work hard to beat the score that his team scored in 2021 and even more to win top honors for a second year in a row. We know very well that for the team of Luc and Tomi, luck does not play a very big role, they prepare their sectors and their hunts in an extremely organized way and it is in the following during this edition that you will have access to Lots of good advice from them!
Samantha Brazel is one of two women who dare to compete against the men’s teams. The other enthusiast with whom she will share the adventure throughout the season is Stéfanie B Martel! When we say that the hunt has no sex I’m pretty sure that these two are going to give the other teams a hard time. Female audiences may be inclined to vote for them, that remains to be seen One thing is certain, their knowledge and their intensity will amaze you!

Team Trail Cam is back this year but with a new member, Alexandre Bernard. He will complete the team with Joce Lefebvre who, even if he is considered the jester of last year’s edition, could have won top honors on his own. In short, it’s up to them to have good team results to climb to the top! Watch out ! Team Hoyt is in the competition to win it!


Team Hogue, David Fodor and Guillaume Paquette, two long-time deer hunters, this team combines in-depth deer knowledge and versatile hunting styles. We bet that Guillaume’s knowledge as a forest management consultant will help position them among the best this year, without neglecting David’s instinct, which has paid off in previous years!


Will experience have the upper hand over youth this year? Dubbed within the Classic; “The Papis team” the team made up of Hugo Ouellet and Charles-Henri Dorris is not to be overlooked They are two experienced hunters with competitive instincts, it promises for the results this year! Watch these “old” wolves closely, they will probably have some advice or lessons to give to other competitors.

Team Hoyt
For those who don’t know, Raphaël Turcotte and David Bienvenue are the instigators of the La Classique Whitetail project. As founders I’m sure they would like to leave their mark on the trophy by winning their own tournament!! Recognized for their incredible images, their dedication to deer and archery enthusiasts, they will be ones to watch again this year. We bet they worked hard on their strategy to win this year’s edition!

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Fonctionnement de la Classique Whitetail
  • 2 hunters per team
  • 2 bucks eligible per team up to a maximum of 4 deer in total for each team. In the event that a team collects more than 2 bucks, it will have to choose the two it wants to register for the contest, 1 Quebec Buck eligible per hunter
  • No enclosure hunting will be accepted, 100% wilderness
  • Deadline for buck registration, January 1, 2022
  • Deer must have been harvested during the 2021 season
  • The winning team will be the one that has accumulated the most points according to the point system listed below.
  • During the final evening, the public will be able to award 30 additional points to their favorite team. Those with the most votes will earn these points.
  • Check the rules here: Rules will make these points. Rules

Live #4

Live #3

Live #2

Live #1